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Asking for Something so Big, It Seems Crazy

April 13th, 2015 by Annette

I used to ask for things that were so big, they seemed crazy.

Now, I do it differently. Here’s why:

In my sphere, I get a lot of noise about why people limit themselves in this way. They don’t ask for what they actually want, they ask for what they think they can get.

I hear it and it strikes at the very core of my ever-loving coaching heart.

I want to react with a nurturing smile and permission: It’s ok to ask for what you actually want.

I want to react with a powerful statement of support: C’mon, you can do it! Ask for what you ACTUALLY want!

I want to react with a serene wisdom: Peace and joy can be yours when you ask for what you actually want.

Mostly, I want to react with resolve. It’s time to rid ourselves, our society, our WORLD of this damaging line of thinking. And how do we do that?

I’ve done a lot of development on this – worked with countless clients who are seeking their big thing and, so, are planning their big ask. And I hear the word ‘crazy’ tossed about like it’s tennis ball. I’m sure you’ve heard it, too. They link crazy and big by bridging the two as partners.

  • “I was so emotional, I just couldn’t ask for what I wanted – I felt crazy.”
  • “Yeah, I couldn’t really focus, I just felt like a lunatic because I couldn’t tell what he was thinking about my request.”
  • “I felt too scared. It was crazy. I was crazy.”

I think what this needs is a pivot point – it’s time ‘crazy’ and ‘so big’ got divorced. They were never meant to be together, anyway. Instead, let’s see crazy and SETTLING as the pairing. Let’s see crazy and COMPLIANCE as the couple. Let’s pair up ‘true desire’ with ‘permission’. Let’s pair up ‘authenticity’ with ‘possibility’.

Stop walking away from what you actually want because someone else might say no.

(And while we’re at it – can we make the phrase ‘what I actually want’ a thing of the past? We only have to use that when we don’t ask for our true desire in the first place!)

I urge you to join me: see ‘crazy’ as NOT asking for big things. Truly accommodate and seek your heart’s desire and see yourself asking for it – this is rational. Healthy. Possible.

Leave crazy to the fear.

Ask for what you want.


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