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Feeling Defeated? You’re Not Alone

February 23rd, 2015 by Annette

Does this sound like you?

You have to make ends meet and you don’t feel like you can charge your clients a higher rate. So, you work more hours to bridge the gap – you have to work nearly one and half times the hours just to keep your business from bankrupting you. Your family time is suffering and your personal projects are getting dusty while work consumes your life. Every day, you drag yourself through each appointment, completely exhausted. And every night, you lie in bed, thinking of all the things that need your attention – your spouse, your kids, your housework, the list goes on and on into insomnia.

Or does this sound like you?

You dread 8am. Because that’s when you have to confront the reality of how defeated you feel at work. You’ve been given new and more challenging responsibilities lately, but you just can’t bring yourself to ask for the raise you deserve. You know you bring value to every project and you know you should ask for more money, but you just can’t come up with the words.

Or does this sound like you?

You paid full price for that vendor’s services, but when you received the final product, it wasn’t what was promised. You know you should call and negotiate a refund, but you feel silenced by your inner critic, telling you that the product is fine, you’re just too picky. And what if the vendor denies your request for a refund? You decide it’s better just to move forward and keep this important lesson in mind for “next time.”

These situations sound familiar, don’t they?

I hear stories just like these time and time again while working with my clients. And though they seem different, all three stories have something in common: .

I know there is a way to create the changes you’re seeking. I’ve seen women – women just like you – take actionable, simple steps to create different outcomes. Different results. It starts with observation: observe what you’re thinking and feeling about the situation. Notice your reactions. Notice the circumstances surrounding the story, the key players, and their actions. Notice your thoughts and what you’re telling yourself. What do you see? How do you feel?

Take this simple first step and see what happens. Even a small move can have great results.


Over to you – comment below and answer these questions:

1) What keeps you feeling defeated? -or- What are you staying silent about?

2) What one thing could you do differently to get new results?

3) What result would make the most impactful change in your life?


Big Love








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