Success isn’t something you wait for.

It’s created with every request. Higher fees, bigger clients, larger donations, connections with key players, introductions to new markets, joint ventures, referrals, VC funding, pie-in-the-sky proposals, better performance from your team, a little more help at home. Just ask―with an irresistible request.

Women who use this one fundamental tool
earn $1 million more before retirement
than those who don’t.

They also strike bigger deals. Launch better initiatives.
Lead faster teams. Negotiate higher pay.

When was the last time you asked for something
you wanted so much it terrified you?

How about the last time you considered asking at all?

Your key to unlocking high performance and profits is here.
Learn to request and feel absolutely magical—even when the answer is no.






What’s your leadership style?

The same instincts that make us great leaders can sometimes keep us from getting what we want.
Get a gut check—and learn a core belief that can open doors.